Review: The Scarifyers 8: The Thirteen Hallows

The-Thirteen-HallowsThe Scarifyers have to uncover what’s going on with a moving chess set and a magic horse…

Okay, they’ve upset the Scots, and now the Welsh. Is the next Scarifyers play going to be set in Ireland by any chance?

Yes, the Scarifyers are back, courtesy of Bafflegab (the new name for Cosmic Hobo), in the usual enjoyable blend of threat, danger, fantasy and absolutely terrible puns – at least one of which (druid-connected) is enough to make you choke if you happen to be drinking when you hear it!

The series has well and truly found its feet again following the sad loss of Nick Courtney’s Lionheart, with David Warner and Terry Molloy sparking off each other in the scenes that they share, and enjoying repartee with David Benson and GarethDavid-Lloyd. Simon Barnard and Paul Morris have now honed their scripting so that every scene really counts, and even those that are more humorous in nature are moving the plot on in some way.

Verdict: If you’ve not yet caught up with the adventures of the Scarifyers, this makes a good jumping-on spot. What are you waiting for? 8/10

Paul Simpson

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