Agent Carter: Review: Series 1 Episode 6: A Sin to Err

Carter 1.6Daniel’s suspicions appear well-founded as Peggy Carter goes on the run…

We’re definitely entering the endgame of this miniseries, as Jarvis and Peggy start to track down the Leviathan agent, little realising that there’s more than one of them, and they are much closer than they might think. There’s some convoluted misdirection regarding Dolly and Ivchenko, set up in the opening flashback to the early days of Leviathan, and I’m beginning to wonder exactly what the Russian motive was for getting Peggy and co. over to the facility last episode.

There’s plenty of action and humour on show: Hayley Atwell gets a terrific fight scene in the automat, while her scenes with James Darcy as they track down Howard Stark’s old conquests has some laugh aloud moments. The relationships between all the characters has moved on considerably in the space of six weeks, something that Peggy relies on to save her life on at least one occasion. Unfortunately, there’s one really bad character moment towards the end of the episode, when Peggy makes an uncharacteristic mistake, one that the plot requires happen to get her to where she needs to be at the start of the following episode.

Otherwise, it’s very much business as usual in a show that continues to demand a quick renewal for a second season!

Verdict: Barring the one “D’oh” moment, another enjoyable episode. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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