Good Omens: Review: Part 6

Good Omens 6BBC Radio 4, December 27, and for 30 days on iPlayer

The fate of the world is in the hands of an 11 year old boy…

The plot definitely takes precedence over the humour in this final double-length episode, but there are still plenty of lines that will bring a smile to your face – and possibly a tear to your eye, as Dirk Maggs’ script brilliantly captures the wonder of the final scene of the book. There’s high tension, and plenty of resolution for the various bits of foreshadowing across the series, both for dramatic and humorous situations, and beneath all the supernatural goings-on, there’s a strong message about taking responsibility for your own actions.

Everyone descends on the Air Force base near Tadfield for the climax of the story, and there are many terrific character moments for all of the regular cast, although Jim Norton’s best scene as Death actually comes in the aftermath, when we learn the fates of all those who encountered Adam Young. It would almost be invidious to single any one performance out, as across the board they’re excellent, but Adam Thomas Wright’s Adam has to carry the weight of many key dramatic scenes (as well as the best piece of misdirection of the whole story). Colin Morgan’s many fans won’t be disappointed with Pulsifer’s role in proceedings!

We’re promised that there will be more material in the CD version of the series, to be released early in 2015, which will reinstate some favourite scenes that were cut for time, but this broadcast version of Good Omens has been some of the best audio drama I’ve listened to this year, maintaining a consistently high standard across its three hour-plus running time. If you’ve not caught up with it yet, there’s still plenty of time to listen on iPlayer.

Verdict: A resoundingly satisfying conclusion. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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2 thoughts on “Good Omens: Review: Part 6

  1. Colin Morgan is really excellent! Listening to Colin adopting such a young voice (when we know his voice is much deeper in reality) and this sophisticated english accent (so different from his natural strong Northern Irish accent) combined with all the acting skills he once again demontrates through this portrayal leads me to say that he is truly one of the best actors nowadays!

    Posted by Elis Doré | December 30, 2014, 11:17 am
  2. Colin is an amazing actor! He manages to convey emotions as I have not seen anyone do it! Colin gets to play with his voice that is just phenomenal! I’m not English, I’m French and I have a hard to understand, but I listened for Colin because he has such a deep voice that bewitches me every time I hear it. In addition to his voice, it has a variety of emotions so large and has the gift to come to interpret a role with disarming natural! Also he is a extremely kind, honest, humble person and puts his heart and invests heavily in all projects he is involved! For all this, Colin Morgan is, for me, the best actor of our time!

    Posted by Irish Colin | December 30, 2014, 12:42 pm

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