Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Curse of Clyde Langer part 2 (Series 5 Episode 4)

Only one person can’t understand why everyone has turned against Clyde…

And the identity of that person isn’t hard to guess, although if Sky is immune to the curse, it does beg the question why Luke was so easily turned (maybe he’s been a “human” for so long now that he counts as one to all intents and purposes).

The resolution isn’t too surprising, although there are some nice twists, with some extra abilities given to Mr Smith, but the key focus of the episode is Clyde’s developing relationship with Ellie. It’s not forced or rushed, just a natural bonding between two people caught in an unusual situation, and you may well find yourself sharing Clyde’s despair in the latter part of the episode.

The Sarah Jane Adventures have usually wrapped everything up neatly, but this time there are some unanswered questions, and not everyone is happy with the situation as the closing credits roll.

The fifth year is sadly going to be a case of seeing what might have been – and further stories along this line would have been very welcome.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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