Review: Angel & Faith #6

Daddy Issues, Part One

Words: Christos Gage

Art: Rebekah Isaacs

Covers: Steve Morris/Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson

This month Angel & Faith returns to the regular plot line after a brief hiatus spent with vampire starlet Harmony. As a number of unusual cases of insanity start popping up around London Angel and Faith go in search of the cause. While investigating the case they become aware of a new vampire in town – Mother Superior. Who is she and why does she have such a fervent following among the human population?

Issue 6 treats readers to a few more scenes gleaned from Giles’ diary making us privy to details of his time as a trainee Watcher and the events that led to his rebellion against the Watcher’s Council. Finding out more of Giles’ history is one of the highlights of this story so it was great to see more revealed here.

In this issue Gage sets up a handful of interesting storylines that will play out over the next few months. Each is engaging in its own right and together they make an issue chock full of tantalising hints about what is to come. Together with these new events the overarching series themes continue to play out as Angel looks for a way to bring back Giles, and Faith continues to mentor young Slayers. The indications here are that both characters will soon have to confront some uncomfortable elements of their past; hopefully this will drive more character development for both, which is what this series really excels at.

Rebekah Isaacs is back this month on art after taking a break last month. As usual she does a great job but in this issue I particularly enjoyed some of her panel layouts in the action scenes. She really has a talent for drawing characters based on actors from the original show without letting her work become stale. Many artists seem to struggle with this aspect of titles based on films or television shows but Isaacs’ work just gets better with every issue.  9/10

Bernice Watson

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