Atlantis: Review: Series 1 Episode 11: Hunger Pangs

atlantis 11A starving Jason eats the wrong food and suffers the consequences…

…as do the rest of us, who are wondering why this show constantly has to take two steps backwards after one forwards! There’s a considerable amount of Jack Donnelly on show – which has an appeal for a good proportion of the audience – and the return, at long last, of Alexander Siddig and Sarah Parrish, albeit in a scene that feels as if it’s been dropped into the episode at the last minute to fill out the running time.

The humour though is as painful as ever. Mark Addy is back playing the comic relief, and the tired old “go down out of view the wrong way, turn round and go past the camera in the right direction” gag is on show yet again. It’s good to see Ariadne involved in the plot (although it does seem rather odd that she only turns up once Medusa has exited: don’t the producers think we can concentrate on more than one love affair at a time?) and hopefully the finale will give her more to do.

Verdict: A filler episode at a time when we could do with some serious plot developments. 6/10

Paul Simpson



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