Eve: Review: Series 1 Episode 11: IT Girl

eve-it-girl_1024x576The net is tightening on Eve – who’s decided it’s time to find out about school…

As the series approaches its finale (the concluding two episodes are being shown together next week), its combination of tension and humour remains unchanged. Katherine is determined to learn the truth about Mary and Project Eternity – and there are more than a few surprises in store regarding that in this episode – and Nick has to do his best to try to slow things down. Subtlety is definitely not his strong suit!

Meanwhile, Eve heads into school with Lily, despite Will (quite rightly) regarding this as a very stupid move. Her ability to access the school’s computers is a mixed blessing and it gives Abe the opportunity to get himself into even more trouble than he is usually in. There are some well-observed moments among the teens with their own version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon going on with regard to Eve, and the way that Will and Lily’s fortunes rise and fall with Eve.

All of the cast have settled into their roles nicely, and each gets a scene or two that plays to their strengths – Eubha Akilade in particular is given some very contrasting moments that all come across well. Going into the second series, hopefully the producers will build on the relationship between her and Oliver Woollford’s characters.

Verdict: As the storm clouds gather, Eve may be gaining her last normal experiences… 8/10

Paul Simpson


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