Review: Primeval Series 3 Ep 4

Recovering from Cutter’s death, the team discover new enemies…

The first part of this episode walks a fine line between the grief displayed by the characters and moving the show forward. Even Ben Miller’s James Lester shows a surprising amount of compassion, albeit in his own way. However once the anomalies start opening, it seems like business as usual, albeit without Cutter’s lead.

The encounters with Christine Johnson and her own research facility promise some considerable sparks in future, particularly in the frustration it brings out in Lester, while the journalist storyline that began at the end of last season comes to a slightly ambiguous end. It is beginning to beggar belief that no one in the press has caught on to the anomalies and the creatures – doesn’t anyone put stuff on YouTube in this reality?

The second half of the show belongs to Jason Flemyng’s Danny Quinn, who comes in like a breath of fresh air after the occasionally angst-ridden Cutter. He’s got a devil may care attitude which adds to the whole episode’s feel reminiscent of Jon Pertwee era Doctor Who – scientists and  military working together, with a maverick in the middle.

Another enjoyable hour.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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