Nowhere Boys: Review: Series 1 Episode 2

Nowhere Boys 2A horrible truth starts to dawn on the four boys…

After the rather frantic pace of the first episode, things are more easy to follow in this second instalment, as each of the four returning boys discovers that things aren’t what they expect at home. In most cases, their parents don’t seems to know who they are, and the family lives are very different… In fact, the whole town seems to be different, with someone else in charge of the police, and one rabid Goth girl now the epitome of staid. And one of them has a very different duplicate…

Setting up the characters in the first episode meant that the quartet of lead actors had to play to type, but now each gets a chance to show a bit more range. There’s more focus on Matthew Testro as Jake than the others, and he puts the frustration and anger across well. The episode is a bit of a slow burn, as the boys start to put the pieces together, but there’s an interesting development at the end – who, or what is watching them?

Verdict: Questions continue to pile up, with no clue as to what’s caused the changes as yet… 7/10


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