Eve: Review: Series 1 Episode 4: The Bubble Bursts

Eve 1.4Will and Lily learn what Protocol Zero means when Eve starts to behave oddly…

As promised in our interview with co-creator Emma Reeves, some of the plotlines that have been bubbling away in the opening three episodes are sorted out in this episode, which sees Eve show the darker side of her abilities. By no means everything is sorted out though: after all, if Mary is able to send out instructions to Eve from whatever faraway spot she is hiding in, and they can go as catastrophically wrong as they do here, then the potential for Eve to do harm is huge. I have to say that I’m beginning to agree with Katherine about Mary: if she’s capable of this sort of unthinking action, then maybe she shouldn’t be in charge of this sort of project!

However, as well as the dangerous side to the character, we see more of Eve’s charming innocence: the bubbles of the title aren’t just metaphorical, and there’s a lovely scene between her and Will which reminds us of her mechanical nature while making a point about adaptation. The bond between Eve and Will is growing by the episode; Poppy Lee Friar sells Eve’s incomprehension that she could be responsible for the problems well and Oliver Woollford does likewise with Will’s conflicted feelings.

Verdict: Some nice touches maintain the tension throughout the episode. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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and look for our interview with star Poppy Lee Friar coming soon



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