The Librarians: Review: Series 2 Episode 1: …and the Drowned Book

Librarians 2.1For the Librarians, all roads lead to… the Museum of History in New York…

Daft as ever and just as entertaining as it’s always been, The Librarian franchise is back with a second season of TV adventures. It’s possibly the only series where the revelation that the bad guy is a character created by Conan Doyle seems like a logical development of the plot…

The Librarians works (as the characters themselves realise by the end of the episode) because of the chemistry between them and how the others’ presence enhances their own natural gifts. Noah Wyle is great as Flynn Carson and has a good rapport with Rebecca Romjin’s Eve Baird (and I’d happily watch a TV movie continuation of the franchise with just those two as a special), but it’s when you add Lindy Booth, Christian Kane and John Kim into the mix that you get some real sparks – and of course, Wyle is technically a guest star, so it’s the others that you want to focus on. Some of the rougher edges the characters displayed at the start of the first year have been rubbed off, but I suspect the producers are far too wise to allow them to become too homogenous.

It’s a fun opener and if you’ve not tried the Librarians’ particular brand of magical fantasy mayhem before, it’s a good jumping on point.

Verdict: Welcome back! 8/10

Paul Simpson

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