Batman vs Superman: The Art of the Film

Batman+v+Superman+The+Art+of+The+FilmBy Peter E. Aperlo

Titan Books, out now

A gloriously illustrated look at the making of Dawn of Justice…

No, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t my (or a lot of other people’s) favourite version of the Batman or Superman stories, but there’s no denying that the film was made with a great deal of style – and that, as much as anything else, is what this book celebrates. Looking at the worlds of the three heroes (Wonder Woman gets a short section at the back), it includes interview material from a lot of the cast, as well as those behind the scenes, including a short last word from director Zack Snyder.

They may not have succeeded in achieving the grandiose aims that are expressed within the book, but you certainly can’t fault the filmmakers for not trying: the logic behind the decision-making process is explained in great detail in places. But it’s the illustrative material that will keep you coming back to this volume – everything from storyboards to concept art to behind the scenes shots, along with plenty of double-page spreads in this coffee-table sized book (including an extreme close up of the Superman costume!). Amazing 15 have once again did an incredible job with the visual material they’ve been supplied with, mixing and matching so that the book feels part of the universe that Snyder has created.

Verdict: A beautifully prepared celebration of the movie. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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