Atlantis: Review: Series 2 Episode 6: The Grey Sisters

Atlantis 2.6To find a cure for Ariadne, Jason must risk his life once more…

They’re out of the caves at last, which means that we can see what’s going on rather better in this episode, which acts as a mid-season finale (albeit with just a short break for the Christmas festivities), and sets up a lot of strands for the second half of the year.

Jack Donnelly takes centre stage as Jason in this, with some very strong moments – notably with both Amy Manson’s Medea and Sarah Parish’s Pasiphae – but neither Mark Addy nor Robert Emms are left out. We (and Hercules) are reminded of Medusa’s condition – something that has been hanging around for the year between the seasons, let alone the last few weeks – while the scene where Pythagoras threatens to bang Hercules and Jason’s heads together shows a core of steel in the young healer which the throw-forward suggests he might need as the year progresses.

The titular seers are very well-realised, and, like Hercules and Pythagoras, you genuinely do wonder how far Jason is willing to go in the scene. The look his friends share is similar to the one on Medea’s face when Pasiphae gives up on her son…

Verdict: Another much stronger episode that reinforces the reboot of the series. 8/10

Paul Simpson

Our interview with Mark Addy will be live tomorrow (Monday 22nd)


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