Review: Doctor Who: Books: In the Blood

in-the-blood-jenny-colganBy Jenny T. Colgan

BBC Books, Out 12 May

The Doctor and Donna investigate an outbreak of trolling…

It’s very definitely Tenth Doctor and Donna month, with this new hardback novel from Jenny Colgan out this week and Big Finish’s trilogy of tales (which are still embargoed but which it’s no spoiler whatsoever to say are great fun) reuniting David Tennant and Catherine Tate coming our way very shortly. It’s one of the most popular partnerships of the modern era and Colgan apparently effortlessly recreates it in this novel.

Although there’s a slightly weak reason for the time travellers not to use the TARDIS to get around the planet, having the pair of them needing to find other means of transport leads to some great spiky dialogue and observations from both Time Lord and Chiswick temp. The story will keep you engrossed, feeling like a movie budgeted version of the series, while never forgetting that it’s the characters who are at its heart – there’s a place for Donna’s family (including a number of scenes you’d just love to see Bernard Cribbins performing).

Colgan writes the action sequences with verve, and while you just have to accept that internet technology in the Doctor’s world is a little further advanced than in ours (more than once I did wonder if they had certain things in 2009 when Donna’s season was set), the satirical points are well made.

Verdict: An enjoyable return to Series 4. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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