Robin of Sherwood: Interview: Nickolas Grace

GraceRobin of Sherwood is back, and in the manner of so many beloved series of the 20th century, it’s returned as an audio. The Knights of the Apocalypse reunites the cast for a feature-length adventure from a screenplay written by Richard Carpenter himself. Nickolas Grace was the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham in the show, and reprised the role for the audio. He told producer Barnaby Eaton-Jones why he was back…



Why do you think there is still so much love for Robin of Sherwood, thirty years on?

Robin Hood is one of our greatest English legends, and Richard Carpenter’s interpretation was original, innovative and exciting, in that it combined legend, folklore and magic. Add brilliant lighting, camerawork, fine direction, and Clannad’s music, and you have something that will be embraced by each generation for many years to come.

Why have you signed up to this project? What did you think when you heard about the idea?

I signed up to the audio because I believe in the project and wanted Richard’s final script to be realized. I owe Richard and Paul Knight an enormous debt. My interview for Robin was one of those I won’t forget. I arrived at Pinewood, had a coffee with them both, and they said, “So would you like to play the Sheriff?!” Those moments don’t come along often.

Grace ROSWas the original series a benchmark for your career?

The first series was a benchmark for my career. My performance in Brideshead Revisited gained me recognition as an actor and my first proper film, Heat and Dust. The Sheriff of Nottingham gained me more good and bad press coverage and offers of more villainous roles in films and TV!

What do you hope the new drama will sound like and did you have fun recording it?

I had a marvellous time recording it. It was a magical two days reuniting with chums from 30 years ago, luring Michael Praed back in a cameo role, being able to rope in Freddie Fox (the son of one of my oldest friends, Joanna David) as my sidekick Gisburne, and working with one of my favourite and most demanding directors, Robert Young.

It will sound good because of the most amazing combination of talents.

robin-artwork-smallIt’s unique of course!


Photo by Kim Jones, © KOTA/Spiteful Puppet

The Knights of the Apocalypse is released on June 30th. Read our review here

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