Merlin: Review: Series 3 Ep 7: The Castle of Fyrien

Morgana puts her knowledge of Arthur and Gwen’s forbidden love to good use in a bid to eliminate her half-brother…

Maintaining the standard of recent episodes, this week’s story concentrates on the younger cast, Tony Head and Richard Wilson appearing in just a couple of short scenes that are almost generic Uther / Gaius moments. As the younger actors have developed in confidence, the writers have been giving them more to do, and with the introduction of Adetomiwa Edun as Gwen’s brother, it’s likely this will continue.

This season has become far more serialised, with the whole plotline deriving from the various revelations that have happened so far – Arthur’s final comment about trust being the basis of Camelot’s strength is singularly ironic in the circumstances. Morgana betrays Arthur to Morgause and Cenred, while Merlin tries to keep her out of the way but is thwarted by Arthur’s trust in her, little realising that he stands between her and the throne of Camelot.

Tom Ellis and Emilia Fox are developing a strong onscreen rapport as Cenred and Morgause, neither going too far over the top, despite being the villains of the piece.  It seems inevitable that one or both of them will discover Merlin’s secret at some point soon… 7/10

Paul Simpson



One thought on “Merlin: Review: Series 3 Ep 7: The Castle of Fyrien

  1. Loved the little Arthur/Gwen moments in this episode.

    Posted by snowcat60 | January 3, 2013, 8:41 am

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