Review: Where’s the Zombie?

Wheres-the-ZombieWritten by Jen Wainwright, Illustrations by Paul Moran

Michael O’Mara Books, out now

A different way of showing a zombie apocalypse…

The current fascination with zombies shows little sign of fading, and this children’s annual size fully illustrated book will make the perfect Christmas present for the zombie fan in your life. Each double page spread shows the progress of the apocalypse, from the first outbreak to the shocking conclusion – and all you’ve got to do is find the members of the Peters family (and their animals) within each picture.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, because the illustrations are of the Where’s Wally/Waldo variety, with literally hundreds of people in each – the proportion of uninfected to infected changing significantly from spread to spread. There are also plenty of other little cameos to draw your attention – the zombie who’s attracting fire from about ten different directions at once, and the look on one of the shooter’s faces; the uninfected person coming out of the lift and seeing half a dozen zombies – and there would be more than enough material here to trigger a dozen stories.

Once you reach the end, the results are given, and then you get a whole lot more objects to find – including such delights as “a delicious green brain”.

Verdict: Engage your blackest humour – but make sure that it isn’t accidentally given to the under-age! 7/10

Paul Simpson

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