Being Human: Review: Series 5 Episode 2 (Sticks and Rope) (Spoiler-free)

Being Human 5.2Honolulu Heights is haunted… by another ghost as well as Alex.

From the wonderful monologue that Phil Davis delivers at the end as well as a number of other worrying developments during the episode, it’s pretty clear that things are going to get extremely dark before this series – indeed, as we now know, the entire series – of Being Human comes to an end. There may not be time for too much humour then, but this episode continues to balance the gory (Mr Crumb’s appetite increases) with the comic – in fact downright slapstick at one point.

Alex’s development continues, as she starts to come to terms further with her condition: Kate Bracken seems to be getting far more to do as Alex than Leonora Critchlow had as Annie in latter years, and it’s making the show feel far more of an ensemble than it has. Her dealings with young Oliver range from the humorous to the ultra-serious. Damien Molony and Michael Socha are also given some good material which they enjoy.

And as for the bad guys: Rook is becoming more desperate, Toby Whithouse’s politician more sinister, and as for Captain Hatch… well, his increasing malevolence is all the more frightening for being restrained – most of the time.

Verdict: If you’ve wondered about giving Being Human a try with the new cast, don’t hesitate – Daragh Carville has written a terrific episode. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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