Review: Primeval Series 4 Ep 6

Former ARC PR girl Jenny Lewis is not at all impressed when the team arrive to deal with an anomaly – at her wedding…

One of the best-balanced episodes of the fourth season, this week’s story moves all the various ongoing strands forward, with key revelations about both Matt and Gideon’s identities, and clues about Ethan and Emily. The story of the week brings Jenny Lewis back to the show, without feeling forced (if you excuse the story-required coincidence of the anomaly opening on the eve of her wedding at that particular stately home), and there are some laugh aloud scenes featuring Connor, with Lucy Brown, Hannah Spearrit and Andrew-Lee Potts clearly enjoying the reunion.

A very tense sequence featuring a homemade bomb, Jess and Becker is well-directed, as is what could have been a clichéd race through the cellars. The creatures manage to be cute as required, when cubs, and distinctly more threatening as adults – although if you have dogs, be prepared for them to react to the cubs’ crying for help – which works well in one of the later scenes when Connor warns people of incipient danger.

Verdict: A highly enjoyable hour that highlights how far the show has moved on since the middle of the third year when Jenny left.  8/10

Paul Simpson


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