Review: Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #2

Relaxing after the usual stressful day on the Enterprise, there’s a surprise waiting for Riker on the holodeck – three people who definitely shouldn’t be there…

And now we’re up and running. The final panels delineate the threat facing the Doctor and Jean-Luc Picard admirably, and the whole second half of the book is what I suspect fans were hoping for from this project. It remains to be seen if the rest of it will live up to the potential. Borg and Cybermen vs the Doctor and Jean-Luc? If it’s not an epic battle, something’s gone wrong.

The first half is a pretty routine encounter for the Enterprise crew, or at least it appears to be. I suspect (and hope) that elements of both the Doctor’s opening salvo and the TNG crew’s problems will factor into the eventual solution to why the universes have crossed over.

The artwork doesn’t feel quite as strong as the opening issue, although there are a couple of terrific panels, and Woodward captures the faces of the various castmembers . It’s a shame that the encounter featured on Cover B – “Dixon Hill” and the Doctor in the holodeck – doesn’t actually happen.

Verdict: The set-up is over; let the fun begin!  7/10

Paul Simpson



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