Daredevil: Review: Series 1 Episode 11: The Path of the Righteous

DD 11As Fisk spends time with Vanessa, Wesley takes matters into his own hands…

There are some really shocking moments in this episode of Daredevil, culminating in the terrific scene between Karen and Wesley – some great playing there from Deborah Ann Woll and Toby Moore – which turns the tables in some very unexpected ways (particularly given the rather clichéd conversation between her and Ben immediately before she was taken). It has seemed as if Karen has been rather cavalier in her investigations, and I was expecting there to be some form of retribution – although I thought it would be against Ben, rather than her… Wesley’s fate answers the question whether he was behind the attack at the gala, although given the convoluted plotting of this series I’m not totally certain that that is the case!

Matt’s conversations with both Claire and the priest set him in a slightly different direction, leading to a costume-fitting appointment – at long last we’re going to see the image that we associate with the character. The discussion about the devil is a little heavy-handed in setting up the basis for Daredevil moving forward, but the mythical element needs to be established, rather than just a masked vigilante! Foggy’s rebound from the break-up with Matt is fascinating, and I have no doubt that it will prompt some interesting psychoanalysis of the way Nelson & Murdock are portrayed in this series.

Verdict: The moral ambiguity at the heart of this series gets even more pronounced. 8/10

Paul Simpson



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