Review: Primeval Series 1 Ep 2

First broadcast: February 17, 2007

Another anomaly opens, this time releasing giant insects into the London Underground…

We go from Jurassic Park to Mimic via Arachnophobia for Primeval’s second episode. Once again the influences are overt, but recognising them is becoming half the fun of watching this show, and the second episode lives up to the promise of the first.

The plot is linear and straightforward, with a few enigmatic moments added by the seemingly impossible presence of Helen Cutter. Teaming Cutter’s scientists with a paramilitary group works well dramatically, allowing an Aliens-esque battle against the bugs before the scientists step in to provide answers.

There are some nice character moments for all of the leads, noticeably Andrew Lee-Potts and Hannah Spearritt, but unsurprisingly the scenes are regularly stolen by the creatures.

While the smaller spidery bugs are probably too realistic for anyone with a fear of creepy crawlies, the other visitor from the Cambrian era doesn’t benefit from some harsh lighting towards the end of the episode nor a couple of inaccurately aimed sightlines.

But the big question remains: how soon will it be before the general public start to find out about the anomalies? From the teaser for episode three, it can’t be far off… 8/10

Paul Simpson


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