12 Monkeys: Review: Series 1 Episode 10: Divine Move

monkeys 1.10Cole and Cassie are reunited, but all bets are off when Ramse makes his move…

The battle lines have been drawn, and Ramse has decided which side he’s on – and it’s no longer Cole’s. The death of a key person in this episode only accentuates his belief that he has to fight to preserve the present they have, rather than gamble on Jones’ hope that they will be able to wipe out the virus-ridden future.

Meanwhile, Cole is coming near to the end of his time-travelling abilities, as his body reacts to the drug. That particular plot point seems to have been set up to give us the tag scene which pays homage to the classic Harlan Ellison Star Trek tale, The City on the Edge of Forever, as a drugged up time traveller lurches around the streets of his past. We also get to find out some of what happened to Jennifer Goines in this post-virus world, and she is ideally placed to give Ramse some critical ideas.

The differences between Cole and Cassie are reinforced by the way in which she deals with Dr Peters, who recreated the virus: whereas Cole might let him go and shoot him in the back, she actually gives him a chance to flee. I suspect that’s a decision that she’ll live to regret…

Verdict: Events in 2015 and 2043 are becoming far more intertwined, with everything lurching further towards disaster – and keeping the viewers engrossed. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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