Highlander: Review: The 30th Anniversary Blu-ray

HIGHLANDER_2D_BLUStudioCanal, out now

There can only be one…

Would that that were the case with the Highlander franchise, which has had many ups and downs through the last three decades, with Renegade cuts of sequels, TV series and spin-offs thereof, even a very short-lived audio series from Big Finish. But this is where it all started from – and Russell Mulcahy’s 1986 film has never looked better. If you can’t catch the 4K print on the big screen, then definitely pick up the Blu-ray: it’s many years since I last watched the movie (and I suspect that was from either a VHS or a standard definition transmission), and the colours, in particular, are very noticeable.

If you want to learn the story behind the film, then the excellent documentary on this edition fills in the gaps (which is apparently extended from the previously available release), and there are new interviews with both director and star, as well as Mulcahy’s audio commentary.

For those who’ve never experienced the Quickening before, this is a fun affair, with a Frenchman playing a Scotsman and The World’s Greatest Scotsman playing… a Spanish/Egyptian. And Clancy Brown stealing the show as the bad guy. It’s got a fantastic soundtrack, courtesy of Michael Kamen and Queen. It’s epic in a way that only 1980s movies can be – and frankly, much as I enjoyed elements of the later movies, should have been a standalone.

HighlanderposteroriginalVerdict: A fantastic new edition of a cult classic. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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