Review: Primeval Series 3 Ep 5

A fungal infection threatens to devastate London…

While there are still some aftershocks following the death of Nick Cutter, this episode sees the new dynamic within the ARC team come to the fore. Danny Quinn becomes de facto leader as he, Jenny, Abby and Becker try to deal with an infected person in the streets around St Pancras Station, while Sarah, Connor and Lester cope with an infection within the ARC itself.

The creatures are clearly not men in suits, and there are some interesting echoes of Quatermass, Doctor Who‘s Seeds of Doom, and the early Aliens movies throughout the episode, as well as a neat homage to an early Jon Pertwee Who story. It’s interesting to watch both Connor and Abby stepping up into the action, both characters displaying an increasing maturity as the season progresses.

It’s a good episode for Ben Miller as well, showing some more sides to Lester both during the problems in the ARC, and in his dealings with his nemesis from the Home Office. The writers are carefully ensuring that he’s not becoming a clichéd buffoon, while still allowing him to deliver some great one-liners.

Verdict: Primeval‘s strongest season yet continues to deliver. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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