Review: Counter-Measures: Big Finish Audio: 4.2: The Keep

CM0402_thekeep_1417The team need to escape from various very different forms of imprisonment…

Ken Bentley writes and directs this second story, which follows directly on from Mark Wright and Cavan Scott’s opener (and leads into the third tale), confirming that, rather than the linked stories of previous sets, this box is one big narrative divided into episodes. Now that Allison and Rachel have cottoned on to the fake Sir Toby and Gilmore, their futures at Counter-Measures are at risk, and a lot of the episode is spent following them as they try to get their pursuers off their tail – with the help of an old friend.

Sir Toby and Gilmore also have help from friends in escaping from a prison that Sir Toby himself devised, and assorted characters from the past make a reappearance. You have to wonder how much of this was set up from the start, and how much is pulling together strands that were not intended to weave into one story, but whichever way round, it works well.

What isn’t so strong in this story is the sound design; normally it’s pretty clear what’s going on, but there are at least two instances in The Keep (one set in a shower, the other in a vehicle) where as a listener you’re really not quite sure what’s happening. It’s very unusual in a Big Finish production nowadays but hopefully it’s just a one-off problem!

Verdict: Another taut adventure, with more questions being asked than answered.

Paul Simpson

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