Being Human: Review: Series 5 Episode 5: No Care, All Responsibility (spoiler-free)

Being Human 505Alex is suspicious of Hatch, Hal is losing control, and Tom needs some basic lessons.

It’s inevitable in the penultimate episode of the season – let alone the whole series – that things were going to start turning ugly, and indeed they do in this episode, as Captain Hatch’s hopes of dividing the trinity of vampire, werewolf and ghost seem likely to be fulfilled.

Those who have written off Being Human after the departure of the original trio are missing some of the best performances that we’ve seen in the show. It may be heresy to say it, but I actually now prefer Damien Molony’s Hal to Aidan Turner’s Mitchell (or at least the way that character was treated in his final season), and the scene where he tries to take control, with the aid of some basic office stationery, is powerful in what it doesn’t need to show.

Kathryn Prescott makes a guest appearance as Natasha, and is given some difficult material to work with; she remains credible in her scenes with all the different actors, which can’t have been easy to pull off. Michael Socha also has a difficult balancing act: he’s the innocent in some ways (as we see in one of the funnier scenes of the show this year), but as he points out to Alex, he’s killed a lot of vampires over the years.

And as for Alex, once again she’s put through the wringer. It’s just a shame that there’s only one more episode for Kate Bracken to show what she can do.

Verdict: It’s curtain up for the final battle as our heroes’ flaws start to show. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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