Review: Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark)

Kresley Cole

Pocket Books, out now

Can Huntress Lucia really trust Garreth MacRieve, prince of the Lykkae?

Although there’s no denying that Kresley Cole’s novel is engaging, there are so many supernatural elements included which need introduction that no sooner has the plot started to develop than the reader’s attention is diverted – either in a rather annoying way by what feels like superfluous detail relating to newly introduced characters’ past histories, or in a more entertaining way by what might best be described as “supernatural Mills and Boon racy stuff”!

In some ways, Pleasure… feels like a Young Adult book in terms of its characterisation but its sexual content is rather too vivid for that demographic. Like Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series, this is set in a contemporary world but by concentrating on the romance elements more, Cole doesn’t quite manage to combine the elements in such a way that they don’t jar against each other.

Verdict: Judged as a stand-alone novel, this is a little too engaged with the other books in the series to be a totally satisfying read, but as an introduction to the Immortals series, it does the job of enticing the reader into Cole’s world.  6/10

Raine Rodeaux

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