Merlin: Review: Series 1 Ep 10: The Moment of Truth

When raiders attack Merlin’s home village, he and his friends return to defend it…

If episode 11 doesn’t start with half the cast in the cells, then someone has overlooked one of the biggest plotholes in any episode of the show to date. Uther has been pretty quick to spot anyone’s absence from court, so how does he overlook Arthur and Morgana’s disappearance? Merlin’s not even there to come up with some outlandish excuse.

It’s a shame this happens, because otherwise it’s a solid episode, with the constant threat hanging over events that Merlin will have to reveal himself to Arthur as a magician. Colin Morgan’s acting is improving as the series goes on, and his angst isn’t accompanied by as much gurning as before.

Former Star Trek actor Alexander Siddig follows his powerful performance in the movie Doomsday with another badder-than-bad guy, all snarls and anger. The scenes as his men attack the village are well shot and edited, although everyone in this apparently starving village does look suspiciously well fed!

Not moving the plotline on as much as it should, ultimately this episode isn’t what it could have been, but still an entertaining 45 minutes. 6/10

Paul Simpson

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