Camelot: Review: Season 1 Ep 8

Starz/Channel 4, May 20 (US) July 23 (UK)

Morgan-as-Igraine infiltrates Camelot and wreaks emotional havoc…

Morgan’s infiltration of Camelot in the guise of Igraine unfortunately means that Eva Morgan is missing from this episode, although Claire Forlani gets an acting workout as she bravely attempts to channel Green, while also portraying the imprisoned Igraine. Two very different versions of the character emerge.

Merlin reveals his thoughts about Morgan to Igraine/Morgan, but is he wise to what’s going on? The time spent with Igraine and Merlin entertaining some random kid seems like time wasted, until he witnesses her mid-transformation and pays the ultimate price. Merlin promises vengeance, as Morgan’s use of magic to become Igraine takes its toll.

Arthur, Leontes and the boys have gone hunting and discuss statesmanship. They’re are visited by a wolf in the night, but is it the magic one connected to Morgan? After all, it’s apparently “more than a wolf”.

The fake Igraine not only seduces a seemingly willing Merlin, but also grills Guinivere about her relationship with Arthur, provoking her and attempting to manipulate the situation given Morgan’s secret knowledge of their clandestine relationship. Then she stirs things further by spilling the beans to Leontes, in church no less! Oh, how they laughed…

Meanwhile, a guard demands sexual favours to release the real Igraine in a brutal near-rape scene that’s ended by her handiness with a knife, followed by her escape (aided by the inaction of Vivian). Of course, the two Igraines have to meet up, providing the episode cliffhanger…

Verdict: An interesting episode that sorely misses the presence of Eva Morgan.

Episode 8 ‘Igraine’: 6/10

Mark James


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