Review: Primeval New World: Series 1 Episode 5: Undone (Spoiler-free)

The team are reminded just how dangerous dealing with the creatures can be…

From what starts as a bug hunt around the location where this week’s dino comes through, this turns into a character piece that begins to put some of the puzzle together. There are revelations about both Mac and Toby that will have repercussions down the line (and so much for those who wanted Toby to be safe staying in the Tank – she’s determined to be out there in the field), as well as an interesting insight into Evan, and what might be the hint of new relationships starting up for some of the team.

Death is a constant in the Primeval universe – think how many of the lead characters have been killed off over the five seasons of the original, let alone subsidiaries. Part of the more “adult take” in New World seems to be both showing those deaths in more detail (we get one death very effectively through sound here as we go into an a commercial break – but then see the results at the start of the next act), but also seeing the effect on the team. Indeed, some fault lines may even be starting to appear to add to the ones inherently there.

The interaction with the creatures is improving steadily too: there’s a scene with Mac that really looks as if the dinosaur was in the studio with him, thanks to the cleverly lit effects, as well as Danny Rahim’s acting.

Verdict: A little bit of a slow burn initially, this fast becomes a strong episode. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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