Review: Doctor Who: TNT Films: Power of the Daleks Re-imagined Part 2

The Daleks start to make themselves invaluable to the Vulcan operation – and everyone else seems to want to get their grubby protuberances on them…

Once again incorporating elements of the new series into this retelling of a classic tale (notably in the cliffhanger which I really should have seen coming, given a comment by the lead Dalek a few minutes earlier), Nick Scovell gives his Doctor less to do in this second episode. He’s almost biding his time, waiting to find out exactly what the Daleks are up to (although perhaps a trick is missed when he doesn’t make any comment about their weapon being inoperative).

The various rebellious subplots of Whitaker’s original script are replaced by an almost comical set of reveals regarding the various personnel, leading to a riff on Chakotay’s line on Voyager when he wondered if he was the only Maquis on his ship after everyone else seemed to have been working for someone else. We also seem to have lost the Dalek production line from this story – unless of course that’s the mysterious piece of equipment that is removed from the capsule…?

The final part of the story is online in September, but there’s a chance to see the whole thing – in HD on the big screen – at the Power Reimagined convention in September. From what’s been seen so far, it’ll be worth the journey.

Verdict: So far, so very good.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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2 thoughts on “Review: Doctor Who: TNT Films: Power of the Daleks Re-imagined Part 2

  1. For a riff on the Dalek production line you must wait for part 3 I’m afraid.

    Posted by Paul Butler | July 16, 2012, 8:46 pm

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