Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: Destiny of the Doctor (The complete story)

destinyboxset_image_largeThe Eleventh Doctor needs help from his former selves – but each of them is involved in his own story…

The AudioGO/Big Finish team-up has been appearing monthly since the start of 2013, with Big Finish picking up the reins to complete the set after AudioGO’s financial woes. They have also now sorted out the situation over the box set of the complete story, and are making it available – so, contrary to expectations for some time, we do get the chance to hear the behind the scenes documentary, Meeting Destiny.

Each of the individual stories is separately reviewed on this site, and the documentary, hosted by producer John Ainsworth, provides a good overview of the creation of the series, with contributions from the majority of the writers and principal actors. There’s inevitably some recapitulation of stories that long term fans know well, but there’s also some surprising moments (Janet Fielding’s explanation for her absence from the audio series, for example).

AudioGO’s Michael Stevens’ love for Doctor Who shines through, and you have to hope that he will continue to be involved in some shape or form with audio going forward – he matches Nick Briggs or David Richardson’s often-expressed feelings about this half-century old series!

If you’ve been delaying collecting this series, then nab a copy of this quickly: it’s certainly well worth the special price that Big Finish are currently offering it at.

Verdict: A year long celebration of the Doctor which is more than the sum of its parts. 8/10

Paul Simpson

Click here to order the box set from Big Finish

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