True Blood: Review: Season 5 Ep 1

HBO, 10 June 2012

Eric and Bill, Lafayette and Sookie, and Alcide and Sam are all cleaning up in various ways after a spate of murders and Tara’s death. The Vampire Council are after Eric and Bill for killing Nan and the Shreveport wolf pack – not to mention Marcus’s mother – are after Sam for information about the disappearance of Marcus, but so far no one is missing Debbie Pelt. Jason’s life is going none too well, especially with Jessica, and there’s something nasty in the shed. More significantly, a fortuitous visit from Pam – looking for Eric – gives Sookie and Lafayette an idea about how to ‘save’ Tara.

It’s hard to see where True Blood might go after four pretty successful series. The shine had gone off it a little with last season’s witches storyline, and the unearthing of Russell Edgington and the return of Steve Newlin might just suggest a bit of backpeddling and retreading. Still, this opener is full of laughs and a few surprises, and more importantly snappy dialogue and an ironic edge. The fact that major characters have been subjected to trauma and torn apart gives a welcome tone of darkness and gloom, but a lot of the episode is obvious setting up for whatever maneuvering is to come (including Eric’s vampire ‘sister’).

Verdict: Hints of mystery and a shocking (albeit expected) ending really just serve to whet the appetite. Hopefully, it will all pay off in spades!

Episode 1 ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’: 7/10 

Brigid Cherry


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