Review: Dark Sky (Keiko book 2)

Dark SkyBy Mike Brooks

Del Rey, out now

Ichabod Drift and the crew of the Keiko become separated during a revolution – and end up on opposing sides…

Mike Brooks’ first novel featuring Drift and his crew only turned up in June, and this fast sequel maintains the pace and high standard of that opener – still very much in the Han Solo/Lando Calrissian mode, this will also appeal to fans of the US Syfy channel’s recent series, Killjoys (which I’m still surprised hasn’t made its way across the pond so far!). You don’t need to have read Dark Run to enjoy this book, but there’s plenty of little pieces of characterisation that build on what was established in the first novel.

Brooks juggles a more complicated plot in this story, and ensures that the reader is always clear exactly where the protagonists are – something that’s critical in a tale of revolution where control of sectors can frequently change hands. We meet another crew of smugglers (led by a gentleman with an unusual copulatory middle name), as well as seeing more sides to the Keiko crew themselves. The relationship between two of them is a running subplot and I’m pleased that it’s resolved – and that it’s resolved this particular way – before the close of the book.

I hope a third novel is on the way – with the changes to the crew that have occurred during the first two books, it feels as if things are now set up for some interesting times ahead.

Verdict: Another fun space opera adventure. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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