Star Wars: Review: Maul: Lockdown

Bmaul-lockdowny Joe Schreiber

Century, out now

Maul is sent undercover into a prison where the inmates must fight to the death in an ever-changing environment…

If you enjoyed Schreiber’s previous takes on the Star Wars universe – distinctly grizzlier than the normal fare – then you’ll find much to like about this tale of Darth Maul thrown into a world where the Sith has to rely simply on his wits, since he has been specifically forbidden by his master from revealing his Force powers. There are links back and forward to other adventures in the Extended Universe, but the book stands up perfectly well without knowing the backstory alluded to.

Schreiber keeps up a relentless pace, with Maul facing problems on many sides, not just from the sorts of trouble that you’d expect to find in a rough prison – gangs, other prisoners keen on maintaining the status quo, and the guards – but from some familiar faces who are planning on coming to Cog Hive Seven for their own purposes. The author handles the large cast of characters well, although there’s the occasional moment of foreshadowing that feels a little heavy-handed.

Verdict: A violent and visceral trip to the dark side of the Dark Side of the galaxy far far away… 7/10

Paul Simpson

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