Eve: Review: Series 2 Episode 11: My Sister’s Keeper

Eve 2.11Meet KT – the catalyst for all sorts of revelations…

We’re quite definitely in the end-game now, as Will, Eve and Lily discover the truth behind Project Eternity 2.0, and it’s rather different from what either they or the viewers are expecting. For some reason, Katherine has created a robot who can do everything a small child can – including throwing one hell of a temper tantrum. Dr McCoy’s line in the first Star Trek movie does come to mind rather when looking at Katie – and there’s some very deliberate visual homaging that hopefully will only be picked up by the adult audience in the scenes where Katie is chasing Will. (If the younger members do get them then they’ve been watching movies they shouldn’t!). It looks as well as if we’re going to get the truth about Aurora, and an explanation as to how Will was able to bring both Eve and Katie to life.

In among the serious plot development, there’s still time for some humour – courtesy of Abe and Eve (Nick didn’t realise something was seriously wrong from Eve’s hysterical reaction when he returned home – but then he did have other things on his mind). However, the emphasis is firmly on the action – and consequences starting to bite everyone in the proverbial nether regions…

Verdict: A fast-paced enjoyable episode. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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