Falling Skies: Review: Season 1 Ep 4

TNT, July 3 2011 (US); FX, July 26 2011 (UK)

The captured alien is studied and gives up a few secrets, while a raid on a showroom sees the resistance gain several new sets of wheels.

The slight improvements on Falling Skies continue, but in ever smaller increments. The slow burn examination of the captured alien continues, with a debate about whether vivisection or communication is the right way to go. However, as soon as a lone survivor is seen praying before dinner, it’s only a matter of time until religious observance overcomes all the main characters: although all the survivors seem to be pious Christians (no other religions, or indeed, non-believers, need apply here it seems). There’s also the requisite amount of schmaltzy father-son bonding going on. Eugh!

Action is curiously absent this episode, with a raid on a motorcycle store giving Colin Cunningham’s Pope the chance to make a break for it, taking out a batch of sleeping aliens en route. Here’s hoping he’s overcome his penchant for cooking and will be back as a pain in the survivors’ side in future. Otherwise, his character continues to be wasted.

The aliens use of children becomes more relevant, and a chilling scene sees the kid who’s been separated from his ‘harness’ re-attaching it and becoming a mouthpiece for the captured alien. It’s the first sign of spookiness in this series and demonstrates an avenue that could be profitably mined.

Verdict: Falling Skies gets better by tiny increments every episode, but will it be enough?

Episode 4 ‘Grace’: 6/10

Brian J. Robb


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