The Walking Dead: Review: Season 3 Ep 5

AMC, 11 November 2012

Is the town of Woodbury a sanctuary or a prison? Andrea and Michonne test the boundaries of the Governor’s control.  Rick turns feral in his grief following the death of Lori.

This episode continues to add to the mystery surrounding David Morrissey’s Governor. It is revealed he is keeping his undead daughter alive, while at the same time he runs wrestling bouts in which the participants (one being Merle) have also to face a threat from toothless zombies. The central question is of how much freedom those living in Woodbury under the Govenor’s control actually have. Andrea is keen to stay, while Michonne feels her autonomy under threat and leaves.

At the prison, while the others cope with a new born baby and deal with the aftermath of Lori’s death, her husband Rick goes on a rage-driven zombie-killing spree. It’s understandable, perhaps, but it is not a great character development, nor a challenge for Andrew Lincoln as an actor. For good or ill, David Morrissey continues to out act just about everyone else on this series with his subtle, understated portrayal of Woodbury’s shades-of-grey Governor.

Verdict: More great developments in Woodbury, but—depending who is on the other end of that phone—the prison storyline is not progressing much…

Episode 5 ‘Say the Word’: 8/10

Brian J. Robb


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