Blake’s 7: Review: Big Finish Audio 1.3: Drones

Drones coverIt’s hard to get away from Straxis – as the Liberator crew discover to their cost.

As Marc Platt points out in the CD extras, it’s rare for a show like Blake’s 7 to set two stories on the same planet, let alone consecutive ones that look at completely different parts of the world. It provides a rare opportunity to find out the consequences of the Seven’s activities, although, as Avon notes, that just gives Blake more to beat himself up about!

The way in which the Liberator finds a place to repair itself is ingenuous, although anyone who’s read the controversy over the start of Star Trek Into Darkness may feel that many of the same physical arguments that are raised regarding the Enterprise there may be applicable here. It means that those left on board are dealing with a very different situation from normal – although there’s occasional bits of dialogue where someone is describing to the person he or she is with what that person is perfectly capable of seeing with their own eyes (not a fault which usually affects Big Finish scripts, or Marc Platt’s in particular).

We do seem to be meeting a lot of other rebel leaders whose ideas don’t chime with Blake’s at the moment; each script stands up well enough on its own, but the combination of them is a little unfortunate. Hopefully that’s unfortunate coincidence of timing release – although of course it could be indicative of a problem to come down the line this season.

The ongoing plotline inches forward; let’s hope for a bit more progress on that next month.

Verdict: A solid adventure for the crew. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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