Review: Teen Wolf (Blu-ray)

Michael J. Fox gets hairy…

This latest release of the 1985 werewolf comedy comes on the back of the first season of the MTV series very loosely based on the movie. And the two are as different as the 1970s Battlestar Galactica and its 21st Century equivalent: the Fox movie is a high school comedy, with its particular trick being that the way Fox goes from being loser to hero is via his lupine transformations.

The film treads a familiar path: Fox’s Scott Howard is the put-upon dork, whose discovery of his family heritage means that he gets the hottest girl in school, to an extent, becomes the star of the basketball team, and then has to learn the hard way that he needs to “be himself” to be happy. Only when he lets his true nature come through is he really successful…

The Blu-ray edition presents a clean version of both the picture and the soundtrack (although this stays in mono). The extras are the same as the US release, which came out before the MTV series premiered – the original film trailer (which shows just how much better the Blu-ray picture really is), and a two minute promo for the new show, which includes its homage to the movie in the hero’s first transformation scene, but otherwise emphasises just how much that show owes to Twilight/The Vampire Diaries.

Verdict: If all you want is a good watchable copy of the movie, this is worth your time, but that’s all you get.  6/10

Paul Simpson

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, out now

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