12 Monkeys: Review: Series 1 Episode 9: Tomorrow

12 Monkeys 1.9The fight to bring Cole back from 2017 continues, as he sees the effect of the plague at first hand…

This is pretty much an unremittingly bleak episode of the series, as Cole is taken from Chechnya to America for a reunion that goes wrong, Jones commits murder (and possibly potentially even genocide, depending on exactly what it is that she destroys when she returns to Project Splinter), we learn Cassie’s fate (or at least one potential avenue), and things generally seem to go to hell.

The producers don’t pull their punches at any stage in this – the effects of the plague in Chechnya are clear, and the fate of those who try to escape isn’t shied away from; the raid to get hold of the core is brutal with blood splashes appearing on frosted glass as those on the other side are dealt with equally mercilessly. You aren’t really surprised that Ramse is so disillusioned by the end of the episode – or that Cole is so despondent.

We also learn in this episode how Cole and Ramse ended up with Jones’ crew in the first place (with, again, a great deal of violence involved). It’s Ramse who forces Cole’s hand for good reasons – which may be more than a little selfish, but that’s the motivation that seems to be driving pretty much everyone in this dystopic future, perhaps not surprisingly. Ironically, the only person who doesn’t seem to be like that is Jennifer Goines, who makes a surprise, and suitably manic, reappearance.

Verdict: Bleak, but gripping. 8/10

Paul Simpson



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