Jessica Jones: Review: Series 1 Episode 10: AKA 1000 Cuts

Jessica 1.10Kilgrave makes his move as Jessica stalls for time…

This show has had the capacity to shock throughout its previous nine episodes but there are three deaths within this instalment that really do take the viewer by surprise. The first comes at the hands of someone we have expected to be on the side of the “angels” – or as much on that side as anyone is in this show – while another is a suicide that reinforces just how bleak Jessica Jones is, and the middle one an accident that shows one of the characters up in their true light. Both deaths ramp up the stakes even further, and really do become game changers – Jessica loses both her ally within the police (as does Trish, we realise, even if she doesn’t) and the reason she’s been holding back from killing Kilgrave.

The only part of the episode that was necessary for the drama but perhaps didn’t work as well in character terms were the scenes in the diner with the support group, and Malcolm’s ill-timed confession. It just seemed a little too convenient – but there’s been considerably less of that sort of thing than you find in many cop dramas!

Verdict: At this moment, I have no idea whether this show can get any darker – but it won’t surprise me if it does. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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