Misfits: Review: Vegas, Baby!

Nathan’s new power gets him into serious trouble when he and the family hit Vegas…

A short explanation for why Robert Sheehan isn’t in the third series of the ‘Heroes with ASBOs show’ gives Sheehan the spotlight – and hopefully the creators haven’t made a mistake in reminding us how good he is. Nathan’s new power is being able to do stage magic for real – so you can guess where he makes a coin reappear, or where a rabbit’s going to appear from…

At eight minutes, it’s little more than a teaser – you can certainly see this running as a B or C plot through the first episode, if they’d chosen to go that route – but it encapsulates everything about Misfits: crude, laugh out loud funny, poignant, and, in Nathan’s case, based around a callous disregard for the rules of the universe…

The two minute trailer at the end (and the very brief cameo by “the new guy” at the end of Vegas, Baby!) whets the appetite for the new series; let’s hope they can keep up the standard of the first two years.  7/10

Paul Simpson

Vegas, Baby! can be watched here


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