Review: Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #5

StarTrek_DoctorWho_05Writers: Scott & David Tipton

Artists: Gordon Purcell / J.K. Woodward

IDW, out now

When Picard refuses to consider an alliance with the Borg, the Doctor tries to change his mind…

Captain Picard gets his own Pyramids of Mars moment here when the Doctor finally uses the only weapon in his armoury to get the Federation captain to reconsider his vehement opposition to any form of alliance with the Borg. Before that, we get a rerun of The Best of Both Worlds (presumably for the benefit of the Doctor Who portion of the audience who may not be aware of how deep-seated Picard’s antipathy for the race is).

Good to see Rory getting some attention here – and there’s some nice foreshadowing of The Power of Three with Amy being reminded of how important what Rory does in real life is.

Visually, there are still some oddities in the artwork – you get great shots of Patrick Stewart and Matt Smith in one panel, and then the next they’re virtually unrecognisable. But the Cyber-ised Slitheen, Judoon etc. are well thought through, and the visual of Picard looking out of the TARDIS door works well.

Verdict: A Doctor Who solution to a Star Trek problem:  7/10

Paul Simpson


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