Review: Torchwood: AudioGo: Fallout

Sergeant Andy Davidson may have hoped that his involvement with alien menaces had gone away along with Torchwood, but no such luck…

Now this is more like what I was expecting from this sequence of audios that follow up on Miracle Day. It’s a story that couldn’t have been told in any other variant of Torchwood: it has to come after the events of the most recent series, otherwise Torchwood would either have been in place to deal with it, or at the very least, Gwen would have been around.

Tom Price’s natural speaking voice is slightly differently pitched from the one he uses for Andy, which makes it easy enough to distinguish, and he has what sounds like a good accent for the Russian agent for the Committee for Extraterrestrial Research (who’ve appeared before in one of the Torchwood novels). He also doesn’t do a bad Gwen and Rhys, capturing Kai Owen’s inflections if not the exact tone.

David Llewellyn once again proves he’s got a good handle on the characters of the show, as well as the pace required for this sort of tale – there aren’t too many plotlines, things move linearly, and there are various moments where things quiet down to allow the listener to catch his breath.

Verdict: A well-read, enjoyable story.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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