Review: Avengers vs X-Men: VS #3

The Thing vs Colossus

Writer: Joseph Loeb

Pencils: Ed McGuinness

Pre-Read Predictions: Based on the developing trend in this series I can’t help but assume that one of these two matches will end in some kind of non-resolution. That being the case I’m predicting that, although a winner will be declared, this month’s indecisive ending will come here. The Thing and Colossus seem pretty evenly matched, both represent a brute force element in their respective teams. This is likely to be a high impact confrontation but my prediction is that some outside force or event will intrude to prevent a conclusive result. Both combatants have one victory under their belt (Colossus over Spider-Man in #2 and the Thing over Namor the Sub-Mariner in #1) so I guess this will be the deciding match to find out who is the most hardcore. For the sake of argument, I’m putting my money on Colossus – go the X-Men!

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

Clichéd and woodenly told by the numbers, this was a supremely uninspired fight sequence. There was a lot of fist clenching and big talk but not much by way of excitement of suspense. On a positive note, I correctly predicted the winner for the second time but incorrectly predicted the ambiguous ending. With the Thing knocked cold this was an undeniably decisive ending. I hope Colossus at least had the decency to lug his unconscious foe back inside the Blue Area so he could breathe!

Black Widow vs Magik

Writer: Christopher Yost

Pencils: Terry Dodson

Pre-Read Predictions: Finally it’s time for the girls to enter the fray and our first match is set to be an interesting one. On a side note, I wonder if there will being any man vs woman fights in this series? I guess we’ll find out. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, my prediction is that Magik will come out on top here. All reason dictates that she will have the upper hand over Black Widow. But, like Batman, Black Widow is resourceful and highly trained so who knows what tricks she might have up her sleeve to deal with Magik’s abilities? Still, all Magik has to do is open a portal to another reality and shove Black Widow through, right? Right??

Warning: Spoilers Follow!

At first I thought it was quite cool that these two iconic Russian characters were going to go head-to-head, that was until I discovered a large portion of their dialogue was in Russian! I had originally thought it would be a nice touch if they were speaking Russian but, you know, in English with the little note in the corner of the panel that says ‘in Russian’. Instead I had to download the Marvel Augmented Reality app to find out what they were saying. Well played, Marvel, well played. I have to admit though, it was quite nifty as a novelty but I wouldn’t want to have to read all my comics through my iPhone.

Anyway, to get to commentary on the actual fight, it looks as if it’s a good day for the Rasputin siblings as both come away from their encounters victorious. Which also means I get to indulge in a little fist-pumping self-congratulation for correctly predicting the winners of both fights this month! Black Widow gave Magik a run for her money (and a pretty nasty beating), accompanied by some fairly forgettable dialogue, but ultimately being run through with Magik’s Soulsword was the end of her. Not to worry though, she’s only unconscious.

VS Score:  Avengers 3 – X-Men 3

Overall Verdict: 6/10

Bernice Watson


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