Review: Doctor Who Series 6 Ep 11: The God Complex (Spoiler-free review)

An ordinary 1980s hotel – where everyone who visits sees their worst nightmare come to life…

With links to two stories from late in the runs of the Fourth and Seventh Doctors, as well as a multitude of continuity references subtly present in the background, what I suspect will be the last standalone story of this season doesn’t disappoint. Those who were concerned that David Walliams’ mole-like character would somehow overshadow proceedings by going over the top can be reassured that the Little Britain actor provides a reined-in performance that is miles away from some of his excesses, and exactly what’s required from his character.

The tension builds steadily throughout, with some typical Toby Whithouse black humour punctuating it as appropriate. Amara Karen is the strongest of the guest stars, playing the sort of character like ‘Lynda with a y’ from The Parting of the Ways, who has a natural link with the Doctor, to the occasional chagrin of the main companion.

The God Complex is a standalone, in that the TARDIS crew arrive in a situation, discover what’s involved, sort it out and move on, but it’s very much part of the central arc in terms of the dynamics of the central trio. The Doctor is given the equivalent of a bucket of water in the face, while both Rory and Amy say things in passing that gain increasing weight as the episode continues. The ending may surprise you – don’t let yourself be spoiled for it.

Verdict: The strong run of episodes continues.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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