Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: Short Trips 5.02: Little Doctors

DWST0502_littledoctors_1417The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe visit what seems to be a perfect society – or at least it will be once the Doctor has performed a few tweaks…

After last month’s more experimental story, Philip Lawrence provides us with a solid tale for the last of Pat Troughton’s TARDIS teams, with Frazer Hines once again regaling us with his rendition of his Doctor. Set early in Zoe’s travels with the Doctor and Jamie, it sees the young scientist begin to realise that there’s something more to life than pure logic – and therefore perhaps it would have been more appropriate for Wendy Padbury to be reading it, rather than Hines.

Lawrence’s script reminds me of the Puffin eBooks from 2013, cramming as much story as possible into the allotted word count, with chase sequences, comedy, plot and character moments all vying for space. It’s one of those stories that benefits from a second listen to pick up the little details you may have missed the first time round – Lawrence in particular has some nice insights into Zoe’s character, and you can have a lot of fun imagining the lunacy that a crew of small versions of the second Doctor could cause!

Verdict: An enjoyable romp that’s kept moving at a brisk pace. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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