Review: The Alleyman (No Man’s World Book 3)

by Pat Kelleher

Abaddon, Out Now

The stranded Tommies start to discover some of the true secrets of their new home…

This had better not be the final volume of Pat Kelleher’s excellent series since there is still so much to learn at the end of this novel which once again turns what we think we know about the world of the Chatt and the urmans on its head. Astute readers may have guessed some of the revelations contained in this – particularly the link to another group of mysteriously-disappearing people from the past – but it’s not just what they learn, but how they learn it, and indeed who learns it, that becomes important here.

A number of plot strands are tied off here as the Tommies and their officers, as well as the assorted others who were brought across with them, begin to come to terms with their new surroundings. Some choose to fight, others to accept what appears to be fate – all for reasons that become perfectly understandable.

Kelleher’s writing style keeps up a rapid pace with the odd terrible pun (although it’s good to see a nod to a certain professor from the 1950s). He flits between the various sets of characters in a way that maintains the interest – and makes us feel their emotions as we see them put, quite literally, through hell.

Verdict: A terrific continuation of the series.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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